Our history in the travel trade.

We are proud that since 1997 we are the only travel agency in Athens owned and operated for three generations by the same family.
We believe that this is a sign of reliability, honesty and responsibility.

The founder of Astoria travel, Theodoros Papagiannis started his career in the travel trade on September 20, 1926, when he came to Athens and was employed in a travel agency dealing with the immigration of the Greek citizens to USA.
Eventually he established
astoria travel in September 1958. Over the years the agency has grown in an experienced company, involved in various aspects of tourism in Greece. Our services will cover most of your needs, however we are versatile and will meet your requirments and welcome your suggestions.

Personal service has been our motto all these years and we are determined to keep it as our main goal in our customer relations.
We hope that despite of the big problems that the 21 century has brought with him worldwide,
we shall keep on offering the service we feel a tourist needs when visiting Greece.