Hotels at Plastira Dam.

Lake Plastira is an artificial lake located, 18km. from the city of Karditsa and 330 km. from Athens, 1,150 m asl. The man-made lake of the river Tavropos or Megdovas, known as Nikolaos Plastiras Lake, in honour of the general and politician from Karditsa who conceived the idea of building a dam in 1925 . The dam was constructed in 1959, at an altitude of 1,000 m, and supplied the whole plain of Thessaly with water and hydroelectric power. Twenty mountain villages with traditional architecture and stone bridges, have grown in the lake's idyllic surroundings. There is a number of small hotels, mountain hostels and fully restored traditional houses, called "archontiko" with spectacular views.
Places of interest: The springs at Smokovo and Kaitsas; Philia with ruins of an Early Christian basilica (5th c.) on the site of the sanctuary of Athena Itonia; the Mycenaean tholos tomb (1500 BC) outside Georgiko; ancient Gomphi near Mouzaki; ancient Kierion near Sofades; the highland town of Rendina which is a characteristic scheduled settlement; the Petra Monastery near Lambero, the historic Korona Monastery, a religious and cultural center during the Ottoman period, are just some of the many places worth visiting in the area

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PLASTIRA DAM Dial code=24410...  
Hotel Naiades: 93333, Neohori Hotel Megdovas: 92377 Pezoula Hotel Nik. Plastiras: 92460, Nera?
Hotel Anatoli: 93063, Neohori Hotel Pezoulas: 92448, Pezoula Mavromatis Vas: 92065, Neraida
Hotel Agnanti: 93190, Neohori Studios ODYSSEAS: 92988, Pezoula Hotel Fylaktis: 92840, Fylakti
Hotel Nevros: 93201, Neohori Du Lac Apartments: 21523 Ktima Alonaki: 93302, Belokomiti
Archontiko Zakoni: 93433, Neohori Xenon "To Petrino": 92128, Pezoula Xenonas Lina: 92514, Fylakti
Katsaros Suites: 93195, Neohori Xenonas Kastro: 92339, Pezoula Xenonas Elpida:
Suites Neohori: 93207, Neohori Xenonas Elpida: 92644, Pezoula Xenonas Artemis: 93444
Xenonas Antigoni: 93304, Neohori Xenonas Akrolimnia: 92495 Xenonas Kierion: 71923
Pandion Resort Hotel: 93440, Neohori Xenonas Paralimnia: 92424 Hotel Avra: 51523
Fotas Palace Hotel: 93390 Xenonas Papadaki: 92353 Hotel Titagion: 94660, Lambero
Hotel Orama: 92994, Krioneri   Studios Nakos: mobile 6979 338520
Xenonas Balokosta: 92894 Xenonas Alexandros: 92530, Kalivia Boltsi Georgia: 94074, Mouha
Xenonas Gianniki: 92895 Hotel Antemion: Gogolou Panagiota: 93045
Stavroula's House: 93108, Neohori Xenon Kastanias: Hotel Aenao:
Giannakopoulou Ioanna: 93165, Neohori   Pension SPITIKO: 95582, Morfovouni
Mitsiopoulos: 93353, Neohori    
AKRORIA Tourist Office: 93133, Neohori    

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