Hotel accommodation in Greece. Hotels in Athens, Nafplio, Monemvasia, Olympia, Mount Pelio - (Makrinitsa, Portaria, Vizitsa, Volos), Ioannina, Zagorohoria - (Papigko, Monodendri, Kipi, Aristi, Asprangeloi), Plastira Lake - (Neohori, Kalivia Pezoulas, Neraida), Hotels at Meteora Kalavryta Delphi, Hotels on Santorini Mykonos Paros .

Greece has a wide variety of Hotels to meet all tastes and budgets.
Most hotels include in their rates continental breakfast, however make sure this is so.

The classification of the hotels in Greece is as follows:
Luxury class (5 stars): All the amenities you would expect to find in a first rate hotel anywhere in the world.
First class (4 stars): Private bath with hot and cold water, telephone and central heating. Restaurant and-bars are available.
Second class (3 stars): Private bath with hot and cold water, telephone and central heating, but the decor-is simple compared to that of the first class.
Third class (2 stars): Private baths are not compulsory although all of them do have them. Hot and-cold water is available but no restaurant.
Fourth class (1 star): Hot water is not compulsory, sharing one shower / toilet for at least eight rooms.
-Youth hostels may also be an excellent and cheap alternative choice to hotels.

...Discounted rates for central Athens hotels.

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